Groenewegen & Sons Produce Sales Ltd. - Produce Marketers - Toronto, Ontario, Canada  

Groenewegen & Sons Produce Sales Ltd. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Groenewegen & Sons Produce Sales Ltd.
is a produce marketing company supplying customers (retailers, wholesalers, repackers, food service and processors) across North America with all their produce needs.

Reliable, reputable, respected.
Our high standards ensure your highest satisfaction.

We market a large range of vegetables (and some fruits), specializing in potatoes (full range of varieties for table, seed and processing), onions, beets and carrots. We also offer a full line of organic potatoes.

By partnering with reliable and reputable growers across the continent we continually supply our customers with quality assured product available throughout the year at competitive prices. We ensure that our growers have established food safety programs and that the product we sell is fully traceable back to the ground it was grown in.

By partnering with dependable carriers across Canada and the United States we are able to offer our customers on-time deliveries around their busy schedules.

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Ontario Food Terminal – Suite #230
165 The Queensway Toronto, Ontario M8Y 1H8


Phone: (416)255 3411 Fax: (416)255 0927
Toll Free: (877)207 3411